Month: May 2022

Links for May 31, 2022

Links for May 31, 2022 Description Link An interesting crowdsourced pentesting collab software: A video guide on setting up and self hosting Gitea: A nice thread on PKMs : As I student, I will always post what I can to help out my fellow ramen dieters: DIY a USB Rubber Ducky: …

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Links for May 30, 2022

Description Link A collection of pentesting resources: How to become OSCP certified: A collection of dot files for your dot files needs: A collection of bash enhancements and tweaks: An awesome batch of OSINT resources:

Links for May 29, 2022

Description Link A great manner to find new music with Spotify: Free Windows programs!: A universal Android debloater: Your new life oranization tool, written in Lua: A Getting Things Done Notion template:

Links for May 26, 2022

Description Link Raspberry Pi Handbook An Ultimate Git Resource Convert those Zotero notes to Markdown Setup your own kubernetes cluster A great resource for study

Links for May 25, 2022

Description Link Learn anything through the awesome list of awesome blogs A Swiss army knife multimedia application How to un-dumb dumb-dumb git mistakes Beginner Pen-testing Labs A quick Windows privacy check

Links for May 24, 2022

Description Link Packet Total for all your total packet needs! Create your own GMail (or whatever service you like here): Soldering Lesson Playlist: An OSINT framework with a focus on free tools for OSINT investigations: A front-end GUI for YouTube-dl:

Links for May 21, 2022

Description Link I realize I post these reddit post downloaders all the time, I have YET to find one that does all I want and well. Anyway: A boatload of resources be found here: Using orgmode markup outside of orgmode: A how-to on building a RPi dev server: Hardware Debugging for …

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Links for May 20, 2022

Description Link A self-hosted repo of software for startups: An NIST guide to risk management: An excellent font if you have troublesome eyeballs: A metadata repository for your filesystem: A YouTube playlist about learning Unity for game development:

Links for May 19, 2022

Description Link An ultimate guide to procmon for Windows: A detailed guide on self-hosting apps with Docker: A Windows based VM for malware research: Unf-ck your filesystem: A curated list of dot files for Linux:

Links for May 18, 2022

Description Link A project that focuses on hiding that you’re a VM to mobile malware: How to build a pentest drop box: What to do after you install Fedora guide: Infosec talks you may have missed: NASA’s guide to soldering I’m such a nerd for collecting this kind of stuff: