Month: June 2022

Links for June 30, 2022

Description Link Sub3 Suite is a subdomain enumeration suite: Teach Yourself CS: Lurnby: A tool for active reading and personal knowledge management: An overview of semantic Python: Fedora/CentOS/RHEL Linux Guide:

Links for June 29, 2022

Description Link Daffa’s Oneliners for Bug Bounty Hunters: Unclutter’s Immersive Reading Mode: Infosec Streams – An actively maintained, activity-based, auto-sorted list of infosec streamers: Blogging with Org-mode for Very Lazy People: A browser extension that displays all of github trending, HN, product hunt and designer news on every new tab:

Links for June 28, 2022

Description Link Luong Komorebi’s Awesome Linux Software: Building a custom malware analysis lab environment: Austin Songer Incident Playbook: Chef Koch’s Privacy Tools List: ArkenFox’s Privacy Enhancing User.JS:

Links for June 27, 2022

Description Link An archive of Thingiverse for your 3D printer nerds: One authors’ personal note-taking journey: Fedora is my daily driver but dammit if they can’t get fonts right right out of the box: A repo with info about chaos engineering, confirming that a system can withstand every crazy scenario: All …

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Links for June 23, 2022

Description Link An awesome list for sysadmins: How to create a content pipeline for multiple writing projects: A data science cheatsheet: A search tool for all the gits: Just curl this in your terminal and have an interactive cheatsheet at your fingertips:

Links for June 22, 2022

Description Link What’s a seedbox and why does it have value?: A frankly, awesome set of security guides: Another Zettlekasten smart notes guide: Here is a path to learning computer science for the self-directed: Another guide to soldering, I share these because I feel that DIY and right to repair are …

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Links for June 15, 2022

Description Link ReconFTW is an automated recon scanner for target domains: Adafruit’s guide to excellent soldering: A series of articles about Emacs and writing without distractions, worth the read: A fantastic series of CTF challenges centered around malware: A collection of ergonomic keyboards available in the world:

Links for June 14, 2022

Description Link The NASA student guide to soldering: The Lynis tool exists to provide auditing, system hardening and compliance testing for nix based OS: A PCAP utility for those stored up nmap scans: A great little utility that allows for ‘high fidelity web archiving via chrome plugin’: Collect threat intel with …

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Links for June 06, 2022

Description Link A nice little reflection by the author on personal automation: Check out this OSCP exam report template: A systems design primer: A video guide on PKMs from Effective Remote Work: This is pretty interesting, an anti-bot detection web scraper:

Links for June 05, 2022

Description Link “A collection of nerdy interviews” showing different workflows: This is a cool project, 4 RPi’s running a website and a tutorial to DIY one: Cool things done with the terminal: I use this with every machine I power on in my lab: 22 posts on leveling up your programming …

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