October 2022

Programming Resources

https://digibeard.io/go/shell-script-best-practices I found this article very interesting since I’ve started using more shell scripts to automate boring, tedious tasks in everyday life. If you want a template of the advice, check out the very bottom of the page I’ve linked. Happy Scripting!

Privacy & Security Resources

https://docs.hackliberty.org/books/privacy-security/page/privacy-security-resources Straight from the source: “This is a maintained guide with the aim of providing an introduction to various online tracking techniques, online ID verification techniques and detailed guidance to creating and maintaining truly anonymous online identities.” This is a fantastic resource from my few minutes of browsing it. Must check this out! https://digibeard.io/go/cloak-for-authoritarian-state-adversary-circumvention Cloak …

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