Programming Resources

https://digibeard.io/go/shell-script-best-practices I found this article very interesting since I’ve started using more shell scripts to automate boring, tedious tasks in everyday life. If you want a template of the advice, check out the very bottom of the page I’ve linked. Happy Scripting!

Privacy & Security Resources

https://docs.hackliberty.org/books/privacy-security/page/privacy-security-resources Straight from the source: “This is a maintained guide with the aim of providing an introduction to various online tracking techniques, online ID verification techniques and detailed guidance to creating and maintaining truly anonymous online identities.” This is a fantastic resource from my few minutes of browsing it. Must check this out! https://digibeard.io/go/cloak-for-authoritarian-state-adversary-circumvention Cloak …

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Certifications to Get You Hired Today: Boost Your Career in Information Security!

Are you looking for a career in information security? If so, you’re in luck! There are many different cybersecurity certifications that can help you get hired today. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 cybersecurity certifications that can help you boost your career. We will also provide information on each certification, including …

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Links for July 22, 2022

Description Link Tag Interesting Start-up that 3D prints their own housings for cameras, I’ve linked to the DIY section: https://digibeard.io/go/3d-print-your-own-camera #DIY #Electronics Video guide to DIY your own ambient light or “ambilight” on the cheap: https://digibeard.io/go/cheap-diy-amblight-project #DIY #Electronics An awesome DIY trackball project: https://digibeard.io/go/diy-2-ball-trackball #DIY #Electronics Plans for a raspberry pi based solar rebuild society-inator: …

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Links for July 21, 2022

Description Link Tag The Johnny Decimal system of organizing: https://digibeard.io/go/johnnydecimalcom #productivity Separating Org-Mode from Emacs with Org-Down: https://digibeard.io/go/org-down #productivity A quality zen to done template: https://digibeard.io/go/ztd-template #productivity #Notion Create a productive workflow with Notion: https://digibeard.io/go/a-productive-workflow-w-notion #productivity #Notion Using the Zettelkasten method with Obsidian: https://digibeard.io/go/zettelkasten-method-with-obsidian #productivity

Links for July 19, 2022

Description Link Tag Part 2 of Hakluke’s Ultimate OSCP Guide: https://digibeard.io/go/hakluke-oscp-guide-2 #OSCP Another excellent article from Steflan Security: https://digibeard.io/go/steflan-security-complete-guide-to-stack-buffer-overflow-oscp #OSCP Falconspy shares some unofficial OSCP approved tooling: https://digibeard.io/go/unofficial-oscp-approved-tools #OSCP Kongwenbin shares about their journey to passing OSCP: https://digibeard.io/go/officially-oscp-certified-how-you-can-too #OSCP Noraj’s OSCP exam report template in Markdown: https://digibeard.io/go/noraj-oscp-exam-report-template-markdown #OSCP