Links for July 20, 2022

Description Link Tag A bit dated now but still worthwhile information about privacy for beginners: https://digibeard.io/go/online-privacy-for-beginners #privacy “How to get off the radar with ease”: https://digibeard.io/go/how-to-get-off-the-radar-with-ease #privacy The grugq’s guide to “OPSEC for hackers”: https://digibeard.io/go/opsec-for-hackers #privacy #opsec Excellent Video on Surveillance Capitalism: https://digibeard.io/go/surveillance-capitalism #privvacy Excellent “ultimate Reddit privacy guide”: https://digibeard.io/go/ultimate-reddit-privacy-guide #privacy

Links for July 18, 2022

Description Link Tag A PowerShell script that attempts to help malware analysts hide their VirtualBox Windows VM’s from malware that may be trying to evade analysis.: https://digibeard.io/go/d4rksystem-vboxcloak #utility This is a set of hand-written DigiSpark sketches for the Arduino IDE that utilize the DigiKeyboard.h library making the DigiSpark to act as a keyboard and execute …

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Links for July 15, 2022

Description Link Tag Looperman, sound effects for your digital projects: https://digibeard.io/go/loopermandotcom #soundFX Sound-Ideas! More sound effects for your content creation projects and stuff: https://digibeard.io/go/sound-ideascom #soundFX A github awesome list for design tools: https://digibeard.io/go/awesome-design-tools #design The US Government Digitization Guidelines: https://digibeard.io/go/us-gov-digitization-guidelines #archival #datahoarding How to aggregate posts across the many, MANY bookmarking services out there: https://digibeard.io/go/aggregate-posts-across-bookmarking-services …

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Links for July 14, 2022

Description Link Tag Lissy93’s Excellent Personal Security Checklist: https://digibeard.io/go/lissy93-personal-security-checklist #privacy #security Take control of your non-root Android phone: https://digibeard.io/go/taking-almost-full-control-of-your-non-root-android-device #android #security #privacy Advice and tips to pass the OSCP: https://digibeard.io/go/advice-and-tips-to-pass-oscp #OSCP 411hall’s guide to OSCP preparation: https://digibeard.io/go/411hall-oscp-preparation #OSCP avi7611’s excellent OSCP guide: https://digibeard.io/go/avi7611-oscp #OSCP

Links for July 13, 2022

Description Link Tag A curated list of awesome books, videos, courses and resources about creating a startup: https://digibeard.io/go/awesome-startup #startup A guide to platform-based work: https://digibeard.io/go/sidehustlestackco #startup #sidehustle This is tremendously cool, a DIY anki spaced repetition machine: https://digibeard.io/go/anki-memory-hammer-diy-project #DIY A guide to the ZTD or Zen To Done productivity system: https://digibeard.io/go/zen-to-done #GTD #ZTD #PKM How …

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